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“I’m an IPEA member because I refuse to let my non-involvement or non-participation in this organization mold the benefits and rights I have as a state employee. I encourage all Idaho public employees to look into what IPEA has done for them from its inception, its current mission statement and platform and then join our cause to support all Idaho public employee rights in the workplace for the Great State of Idaho.”

Brian Poole, President of Idaho Public Employees Association
Idaho Transportation Department employee

As a public employee, your job is dependent on Idaho’s way of life. One way you can improve your future is to join IPEA. As an IPEA member, you will get the information you need to make sure your interests are addressed. We work to protect your PERSI, raises and other benefits in the legislature, assist with employee dispute resolution, and keep you informed about things that affect you as a public employee. We are here for you!