We have a great Board of Directors newly elected last May. 

If you want to talk to your local District Director, click on the link above for a list of telephone numbers.

The Board meets quarterly and members use phone conferencing so travel is minimal.  We ask our Board members to attend the annual General Council meeting in Boise held in May because that's where our strategy really takes place.  

"I'm an IPEA member because I refuse to let my non-involvement or non-participation in this organization mold the benefits and rights I have as a state employee. I encourage all Idaho public employees to look into what IPEA has done for them from its inception, its current mission statement and platform and then join our cause to support all Idaho public employee rights in the workplace for the Great State of Idaho."

Brian Poole, President of Idaho Public Employees Association

Idaho Transportation Department employee


How do you talk to someone about IPEA? 

Here’s a sample “30 second elevator speech” to help you get started!!

If you have a few seconds I’d like to talk to you about the Idaho Public Employees Association and why I am a member.

Most public sector employees have nowhere to turn when they have a problem in the workplace.  But IPEA members have someone to help them.  They even have access to great employment attorneys at IPEA’s expense.  It’s really nice to know someone has your back.

IPEA also gives us a voice in the Idaho legislature.  But while IPEA is political, we are not partisan!  We don’t focus on political parties, we focus on our issues!  Sometimes public employees don’t want to speak out on public employee issues.  That’s why it’s good to know IPEA is speaking out on your behalf.

Your IPEA dues are a great value for what you get!  Not only does IPEA advocate for you on the worksite and in the legislature, but IPEA keeps you current on everything that goes on in Idaho government through newsletters and email alerts.  And every dollar you pay in dues to IPEA stays right here in Idaho.   IPEA is not connected with any national organization, so we have no allegiance to anyone but our members.

If you care about public employees in Idaho, you really should consider becoming a member of IPEA.