IPEA (Donna Yule, Executive Director) testimony concerning raises for state employees

IPEA (Donna Yule, Executive Director) testimony at Legislative Interim Committee Dec 15 concerning more tax cuts.

Idaho must invest for stronger economy - An OpEd by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy about the lack of investment in Idaho public services

IPEA (Donna Yule, Executive Director) testimony on Moyle's tax cut bill in 2015 legislature

6 Key Facts About Idaho's Revenue Shortage and Our Declining Economic Performance - A Report by the Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy from May 2014 that shows how Idaho's economy continues to fall further behind because of our tax policy

Race to the Bottom:  How outsourcing public services rewards corporations and punishes the middle class - A great new report from Public Interest.

Everything you need to know about gerrymandering!  What it is, and why does it matter? 

Democratic candidate for governor, AJ Balukoff, letter concerning Second Amendment position

NRA Candidate Questionnaire for Idaho candidates

Legislative Service Offices 2014 Sine Die report

IPEA Lobbyist Learning Curve about working with the Idaho legislature

IPEA 2012 Position Paper on changes needed in Idaho Personnel Commission and Human Resources Department

Letter to Governor Otter concerned "out-sourcing" prisoners to CCA prison in Colorado.  IPEA has been fighting for five years to stop Idaho from contracting with the private prison company, Corrections Corporations of America.  This year the Governor agreed to stop allowing CCA to run the prison in Idaho, but he hasn't stopped a contract with CCA for Idaho prisoners housed in Colorado.  IPEA signed this letter along with other organizations that was delivered to Governor Otter on March 19, 2014.

The Decision to Contract Out: Understanding the full economic and social impacts (Report from the Colorado Center for Policy Studies, UCCS)

IPEA testimony in opposition to HB 548 (tax cut to wealthy people and corporations)  

Alternative state budget (2015) from Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy

State Employee Compensation and Turnover (Evaluation Report, January 2013, Office of Performance Evaluations, Idaho Legislature

IPEA testimony for CEC meeting January 8, 2014

IPEA Position Statement on reorganization of Human Resources Department